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Pug Stamps

Pugs are very fortunate to have a variety of gifts to build a collection around.
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Pug stamp from Adjaria Pug stamp from Adjaria

Adjaria is an Autonomous Republic within Georgia, of the former Soviet Union. It is one of the most beautiful parts, situated to the southwest of the Georgian Republic.
Pug Adjaria Stamp(left)... SOLD OUT
Pug Adjaria Stamp(right)... SOLD OUT

Pug stamp from Antigua & Barbuda

This stamp put out by the Caribbean Island nation of Antigua and Barbuda in commemoration of the Year of the Dog in 1994. They did two sets, one of large dogs and one of small dogs, each with 12 different breeds on them. This darling Pug is from the small dog set. These are not terribly hard to find.
Pug Antigua and Barbuda Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Antigua and Barbuda Stamp

Pug stamp from Benin

Benin is a Western Africa country with very little tourism or resources. All the more impressive that they issued such a lovely set of stamps including this Pug in 2000. I expect them to remain easily available for awhile.
It may be noted that Benin, former Dahomey, has perhaps the "most beaten tracks by Europeans of any in Africa". The history of Benin is a succession of kingdoms, followed by years of communist rule and finally independence in 1990.
Pug Benin Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Benin Stamp

Pug stamp from Bhutan

A new issue from Bhutan.
Bhutan is a tiny, landlocked country, squeezed between China and India, the two most populous countries, takes its native name -- Druk Yul -- from the fierce storms that sweep down out of the Himalayan Mountains. Druk Yul means "land of the thunder dragon." Bhutan is the last surviving Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas and its deeply devout Buddhist culture bears a strong resemblance to that found in Tibet. Wary of foreign influence, Bhutan has full diplomatic ties with only 16 countries and sightseers were barred from the country until 1974. Even now, Bhutan limits the number of tourists to just 4,000 a year.
Pug Bhutan Stamp... $6.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Bhutan Stamp

Pug stamp from Bulgaria

Bulgaria issued a set of six stamps of small dogs in 1991. It is one of the few collections with a hairless Chinese Crested in it, but also had both a smooth and longhaired Chihuahua. Fairly common.
Pug Bulgaria Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Bulgaria Stamp

Pug stamp from Buriatia

The break-up of the Soviet Union has created a real gold mine for the collectors of topical stamps. In an effort to generate currency, the individual Russian states are issuing attractive stamps for sale on the international market, where they will be bought without using the associated mail services. Buriatia issued this Pug in a set in 1997.
Buriatia is in southern Siberia near Lake Baykal on the Mongolian border and such the Buryat people are Buddhists as well.
Pug Buriatia Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Buriatia Stamp

Pug stamp from Cambodia

Cambodia was one of the early countries to issue dog stamps back in the 1970's and then nothing until this wonderful set in 1997. It should remain common for awhile longer.
Pug Cambodia Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Cambodia Stamp

Pug stamp from Gabon

Gabon put out one of ugliest sets of stamps that I have seen. On the other hand, they are certainly unique. Actually, this Pug is one of the better ones in the set that was issued in 1996.
Gabon is in Africa
Pug Gabon Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Gabon Stamp

Pug stamp from Gambia

Gambia issued a very unique set of dog stamps in 1993. All of the stamps were of dogs owned by Royalty. This Pug is honored as having Belonged to Napoleon and Josephine. At least they had good taste in some things.
The Gambia is a long and narrow country in West Africa that parallels and takes in both sides of the Gambia River. It is surrounded by Senegal on all sides, except on the Atlantic coast, and for this reason the two countries have a lot of ethnic and cultural ties. In contrast to Senegal, a former French colony, The Gambia was colonized by Britain and gained its Independence on February 18, 1965.
Pug Gambia Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Gambia Stamp

Pug stamp from Guinea

This lovely Pug issue was put ou by Guine-Bissau in 2001. Guinea is partial heir to the series of west African empires that, at their height before the arrival of the Europeans, cast significant political and commercial influence over many peoples from Guinea's Atlantic coast to the southern edge of the Sahara. The empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai spanned the period from about the 10th to the 15th centuries. French military penetration into the area began in the mid-19th century. Guinea became an independent republic in 1958.
Pug Guinea-Bissau Stamp... $7.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Guinea-Bissau Stamp

Pug stamp from Mali

Republic of Mali is a landlocked country in central west Africa. It is bordered on the north by Algeria and on the east by Niger. In 1997, it issued a lovely set of dog stamps that included this cute Pug.
Landlocked in West Africa, straddling the Sahara, Mali is one of the poorest and most remote nations of the world.
Pug Mali Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Mali Stamp

Pug stamp from Mordovia Pug stamp from Mordovia Pug stamp from Mordovia

Mordovia is located between Moscow and the Volga River and is bordered by the republic of Chuvashia on the east. Mordovia is one of the 21 Russian republics, which are the administrative units with the greatest amount of autonomy within the new Russian Federation. Mordovia is a largely agricultural region. Like most of the other republics, Mordovia has started issuing new postal stamps including these great Pugs.
The newest issue is on the left put out in 2000, the middle one in 1996, ( Mordovia was one of the first to start issuing topical stamps in 1996. The Pug had the honor of being among those first stamps issued.) and the one on the right in 1999. (The one on the right is very hard to distinguish as they put a black background on it, which effectively hides the ears and top of head. The stamp is better quality for clarity than the scan shows.)
Pug Mordovia Stamp(left)... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Mordovia Stamp(left)
Pug Mordovia Stamp(middle)... SOLD OUT
Pug Mordovia Stamp(right)... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Mordovia Stamp(right)

Pug stamp from Para Timor

Para Timor produced this lovely body pose and headstudy in 2000. East Timor is an area of Indonesia that recently voted to become independent. There is much unrest still since the current government does not want to give up power.
Pug Para Timor Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Para Timor Stamp

Pug stamp from Sakhalin Islands

A new issue from Sakhalin Islands in 2001.
Sakhalin is a very long but narrow island located between Japan and Russian Maritime Territory. It is separated from the continent by a narrow strait of 6 km width and for that reason, Westerners first thought it should be a peninsula. With the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin is one of the territories disputed between Japan and Russia and its belonging has not yet been definitely settled. In 1997, the local government started issuing stamps.
Pug Sakhalin Island Stamp... SOLD OUT

Pug stamp from Sharjah

Sharjah is the third largest of the seven states, which forms the United Arab Emirates that became fully independent in 1971. From that time, it has attracted attention -- first because of its oil reserves and its strategic location but now in addition to those, because of its program of economic and social development. In the last quarter of the twentieth century, the UAE has witnessed the creation of a truly modern welfare state. Education, health care and social services are available to all citizens. This darling puppy stamp was issued in 2000.
Pug Sharjah Stamp... SOLD OUT

Pug stamp from Tatarstan

Tatarstan is one of the former Russian states along the Volga River. It has been independent since 1994, but even a thousand years ago, it was known as Islam's Northern Mecca. The set of stamps that this Pug is from was issued in 2000.
Pug Tatarstan Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Tatarstan Stamp

Pug stamp from Touva Pug stamp from Udmurtia

The economy in Russia since the break up of the Soviet Union has such high inflation that stamps that were previously issued are not of enough value to mail a letter any more, so to remedy the situation, the local Post Offices have taken blocks of five "old" printed stamps and overprinted them with a new image and a new value. The Pug shown above on the right is one of these "Russian Overprints" from Udmurtia. These stamps come in a set of five different colored stamps all with the same overprint. Last time that I got in some overprints, I assumed that they would remain available. I was wrong and I never saw more copies of those. I expect these to be equally as rare and collectable. There is no telling how many of the overprints they produced (not many), since they were never designed to be sold on the world market. They are of value only for a short while until the actual stamps can be printed. On the left is the stamp that was ultimately issued with the Pug image from the overprint, put out by Touva in 1999.
Touva (often spelled Tuva) is a country in the southern area of Siberia. It's a unique place with the landscapes ranging from the desert to the permafrost, and local fauna-from camels to reindeers. Touva is known as almost the only place in the world where shamanism, a very ancient religion, is preserved, kept and cultivated in its original form.
The republic of Touva lies at the upper reaches of the Siberian Yenisey River and forms a barrier between Russia and Mongolia. Since its independence from the former Soviet Union, Tuva continues to struggle to work on the appropriate way to safeguard and develop its own identity and sovereignty going through the difficult changes from a command-orientated planned economy towards an open market economy. Like so many other former Russian states, the diversity of the people is starting to be felt as the original culture, traditions and religion are gaining more followers.
Udmurtia is approximately midway between Moscow to the Urals. Its land is a hilly wooden plain with numerous swamps, springs and rivers. Its climate is considered a bit too wet and not healthy. Summer is short, rainy and cool; autumn is very cloudy (often there are almost no sunny days from October till January), foggy and rainy. This not very friendly land was originally inhabited by Udmurts (or Votyaks). These peaceful and quiet Finnish people maintained their culture heritage there at least for five thousand years. Their religion is also ancient. They worship the God (called Inmar, The Highest Being) and His assistants governing various elements.
Pug Touva Stamp(left)... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Touva Stamp(left)
Pug Overprint from Udmurtia(right)... $12.95 each set of 5 colors Click Here to Order 
Pug Overprint from Udmurtia(right)

Pug stamp from Yakutia

Another new issue, this time from Yakutia.
Most people know Yakutia from the game of Risk along with Kamchatka and Irikutz. Actually, Yakutia is the largest region in Siberia, known as Sasha-Yakutia.
Pug Yakutia Stamp... SOLD OUT

Pug Souvenir Sheets

Pug Souvenir Sheets from Burkira

Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta, became independent from France in 1960. Governmental Pug stamp from Burkira2 instability during the 1970's and 1980's was followed by mulitparty elections in the early 1990's. Burkina Faso is a landlocked country where recent droughts and desertification are severely affecting agricultural activities, population distribution and the economy. Several hundred thousand farm workers migrate south every year to work in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana.
The puppy shown on the left is a detail of the Pug on the souvenir sheet above.
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Burkina Faso... $7.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Burkina Faso

Pug stamp from Gairsay

This Souvenir Sheet was issued by Gairsay, an island off the edge of Scotland, in 1984. It is about twice the size of a normal stamp and the emblem in the bottom left corner is the Rotary International logo. This sheet can be mounted with gold leaf in a matching frame.
Most of the islands around Scotland are privately owned and have the right to issue their own stamps. If a population lives on the island, the stamps are legal postage for sending mail to the main land. They are not of value for sending it outside of Scotland or back to the island.
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Gairsay... $9.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Gairsay

Souvenir Sheet from Ossetia

I found some very interesting information when searching for a history of Ossetia. It lies near the Black Sea in the Russian region of Georgia. Today’s 700,000 North and South Ossetians are herdsmen and horsemen, probably descended from the Scythian warrior nomads of ancient Greek times.
Like the first settlers of Yorkshire they use the word ‘Don’ for river and, like the people of Ossett, they chose the fleece as an emblem. A fleece also appears at the center of Ossett's coat of arms.
Is there a connection? Some versions of the Greek legend of Jason and the Argonauts tell us that on his long homeward voyage Jason took the Golden Fleece by river journey from the Black Sea to the North Sea – a route well known to the Vikings who are thought to have founded Ossett. In addition, Ossett is a Viking place name that may mean 'Osla's seat' or 'ridge camp'. Did Vikings found Ossetia? Perhaps. In the meantime, the local government of both North Ossetia and South Ossetia have issued a few fascinating stamps, including this lovely souvenir sheet with the Pug inset.
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Ossetia... $7.95 each Click Here to Order 
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Ossetia

Pug Souvenir Sheet from Turk & caicos

The Turks & Caicos Islands, part of the British West Indies, Pug Souvenir Sheet from Turks & caicos are a dependency of Great Britain and are located at the SE end of the Bahama Islands. Of about 50 Islands, only six are inhabited. The estimated population, in 1999, is 16,863.
Pug Souvenir Sheet from Turks and Caicos... SOLD OUT

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