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Affenpinschers are finally getting enough stamps to make a great collection.

from Buriatia

Buriatia is one of the former states of the Soviet Union.
Buriatia is in southern Siberia near Lake Baykal on the Mongolian border and such the Buryat people are Buddhists as well.
The collapse of the Soviet Union has created a gold mine for stamp collectors. The local governments have issued some wonderful stamps in an effort to sell them to the world market and not even have to provide the associated service of mailing letters with them. This is a real boon when you see such lovely examples as this stamp put out by Buriatia in 1999.

Affenpinscher Buriatia Stamp ... $1.95 each
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from Golden State Humane Society

This is a privately issued stamp from the Golden State Humane Society in 1999. They issued two different sets with real breed representatives, but this is the only Affenpinscher among them.
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Affenpinschers from North Korea

This stamp was issued by North Korea in 1990. It is difficult to obtain because we have an embargo against North Korea, so the stamps have to come in from a different country like Canada. I realize that this is not a top breed representative, although in Korea, maybe it is? But it is important for those who love to collect everything with Affenpinschers on it.

Affenpinscher North Korea Stamp ... $1.95 each Click Here to Order Affenpinscher North Korea Stamp

from Udmurtia

The economy in Russia has such high inflation that the stamps that were previously issued are not of enough value to mail a letter any more, so to remedy the situation, the Post Office has taken blocks of four previously printed stamps and overprinted them with images of different dog breeds. The Affenpinscher shown is two headstudies. These stamps come in a sets of five, each done in five different colors. Last time that I got in some overprints, I assumed that they would remain available. I was wrong and I never saw more copies of those. I expect these to be equally as rare and collectable. There is no telling how many of the overprints they produced, since they will have to be changed as the inflation continues unchecked. To the right is a sample of Cairn Terrier overprints.

Affenpinscher Udmurtia Overprint ... $19.95 each Click Here to Order Affenpinscher Udmurtia Overprint

from Udmurtia Affenpinschers 
from Dagestan

Udmurtia also issued a nice Affenpinscher stamp on the left, in 1999. This Udmurtia image was used for The Russian Overprint from Dagestan on the right.

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Affenpinscher Dagestan Overprint (right) ... $19.95 each Click Here to Order Affenpinscher Dagestan Overprint (right)

* We can take visa/mc/disc or paypal, but they are first come first served, so let me know if you are interested.

* Truly one of the cheapest unique treats for yourself or a friend (great for club trophies as well!)

* It is absolutely true that you will often find some of these stamps at very reasonable prices -- some can be had for under a dollar. On the other hand, if you add in the gas, hours, and hassles that it has taken to find them, you may find it easier to just get them from us while we have them :*) I don't always count on getting more in the near future. I get them when I can find them and the stock is not always constant.

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