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Scottish Deerhound Stamps
As we search the world for dog stamps, we often start with just a couple of each breed, but with luck, we are able to get enough of a single breed to give them their own pages. These Sighthound breeds have moved on to their own pages: (just click on the breed name to go there) Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Italian Greyhounds, Pharaoh Hound, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Whippet. The Ibizan Hound, Podenco and Lurcher are on the Other Sighthound page.

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Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Eynhallow

From the Holy Island of Eynhallow, Scotland comes this lovely Scottish Deerhound stamp. It was produced in October of 1984. Eynhallow is one of the numerous islands off the coast of Scotland that issues stamps under their own authority. They are not really valid postage stamps but if the island is occupied, the stamps can be used to send mail to the mainland, but are not of use beyond that or even to send mail back to the island. Many ofthe islands are not occupied and the stamps from those are considered simply privately produced stamps. These stamps are not very common, but there are not that many collectors of Scottish Deerhounds, so they are still available.
Scottish Deerhound Eynhallow, Scotland Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Scottish Deerhound Eynhallow, Scotland Stamp

Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Hungar

This lovely old stamp was produced by Hungary in 1972.
Hungary is located in Central europe, northwest of Romania. The climate is temperate; cold, cloudy, humid winters; warm summers. The terrain is mostly flat to rolling plains; hills and low mountains on the Slovakian border. The main religion is Roman Catholic 67.5% and the language is Hungarian 98.2%. The capital is Budapest.
Scottish Deerhound Hungary Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Scottish Deerhound Hungary Stamp

Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Komi

What a beautiful stamp just issued in 2001 from Komi. The Komi Republic is situated in the extreme North-East part of Russia. It is a multinational state, since the population of Komi Republic is estimated at 1.2 million citizen and consists of 100 nationalities. The Komi Republic is now a democratic legal state included into the Russian Federation. The republic has unique stocks of mineral resources thanks to their location, diversity and quality. The mineral resources of Komi Republic are represented by combustible minerals, oil and gas, metal ores, minerals and balneological resources.
Scottish Deerhound Komi Stamp... SOLD OUT

Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from the Jewish Republic Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Karakalpakia

This wonderful set of stamps is a real collector's item. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, inflation has gotten totally out of hand. Money was devalued to the point where the stamps that had already been printed we not worth enough to mail a letter. There were new stamps being processed, but not ready yet. In an effort to keep the post office in business, they took blocks of five stamps and overprinted them with a new image and a new value. The one on the left was issued by the Jewish Republic near Siberia. It comes in a set of five stamps of different colors with the same image printed on them, as shown in detail to the right. The image on the right (above) is the stamp that was finally printed from Kara Kalpakia. The color stamp will be available for some time, but the Overprint was never meant to be sold on the open collector's market, so when the few copies that I have are gone, there will be no more ever.
Scottish Deerhound Overprint from Jewish Republic(left)... SOLD OUT
Scottish Deerhound Karakalpakia Stamp 1... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Scottish Deerhound Karakalpakia Stamp 1

Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Karakalpakia

The Russian local state of Karakalpakia issued this surprising stamp in 1998. This is a very small stamp and this image is larger in comparison to the others at 200% scan, to show the delicate detail.
Karakalpakia, now under the domain of Uzbekistan, is on the edge of the shrinking Aral Sea, which has recently revealed a shocking scale of environmentally induced disease. Women and children are most severely affected from the spread of pesticides and other pollutants as the lake - once the fourth largest in the world - has turned into a desert, its waters siphoned off to irrigate vast cotton fields and rice paddies in Central Asia. Over 20 per cent of the young women, aged 13-19, have kidney disease, and another 23 per cent suffer from thyroid dysfunctions. And many women have high levels of lead, zinc and strontium in their blood. Although the Aral Sea probably has less than 10 years of life left, if nothing is done to salvage what remains of it, the 1.1 million residents of Karakalpakia are under immediate health threats. If nothing is done to improve the health of the people we may be witnessing the end of another entire society as a result of human folly.
We have waited a long time for a new Scottish Deerhound stamp and here it is.
Scottish Deerhound Karakalpakia Stamp 2... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Scottish Deerhound Karakalpakia Stamp 2

Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Udmurtia

What a lovely stamp by Udmurtia in 2001.
Udmurtia is approximately midway between Moscow to the Urals. Its land is a hilly wooden plain with numerous swamps, springs and rivers. Its climate is considered a bit too wet and not healthy. Summer is short, rainy and cool; autumn is very cloudy (often there are almost no sunny days from October till January), foggy and rainy. This not very friendly land was originally inhabited by Udmurts (or Votyaks). These peaceful and quiet Finnish people maintained their culture heritage there at least for five thousand years. Their religion is also ancient. They worship the God (called Inmar, The Highest Being) and His assistants governing various elements. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Udmurtia became one of the local republics and as such they now issue stamps including this lovely Scottish Deerhound.
Scottish Deerhound Udmurtia Stamp... $5.95 each Click Here to Order 
Scottish Deerhound Udmurtia Stamp

Scottish Deerhound dog stamp from Russia

This is included simply because they were the only overprints that were available in past years, in this case 1993. There was a limited number released to the outside world and then they were all gone. These scans are for historical significance only since the originals are absolute collector's items now. Be sure to get a set of the new overprints above (Jewish Republic). As far as I know, there were 100 of each overprint available and the small number of those that I was able to get will be gone very quickly.

Scottish Deerhound Stamp from St. Vincent

This unusual stamp was issued by the islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines in honor of their Forestry service. It is not listed as a dog stamp and is the only stamp in the series that has a dog, so it is more expensive than ones that have several dogs to sell.
Caribs were the first inhabitants of St. Vincent. Columbus marked the presence of the island on his third voyage in 1498, but didn't go ashore. The Caribs were tenacious, keeping the European conquistadors at bay longer than on any other island.
In 1787, Captain William Bligh set sail from England on the Bounty, bound for Tahiti. The purpose of the voyage, which ended in mutiny, was to collect breadfruit plants and transport them to St. Vincent for use as food for slaves. In 1793 Bligh eventually arrived in St. Vincent on another ship loaded with breadfruit seedlings. The fruit would make the island famous. To this day, bananas are the main export from the island.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines achieved independence in 1979. The islands have produced many stamps over the years, including this lovely art piece with the Scottish Deerhound.
Scottish Deerhound St. Vincent Stamp... OUT OF STOCK

Scottish Deerhound Stamp from St Thomas

This nifty stamp is highly unusual. The Deerhound puppy is a classic in its personality and obvious love. The name of the painting is Riviere Simpatia 1878. This was issued in 1981 from St. Thomas and Prince Islands. It is very difficult to find because it is not listed as a dog stamp, but as an art stamp.
We have been unable to obtain any more of these art stamps.
Scottish Deerhound Souvenir Sheets

Scottish Deerhound Stamp from Fujeira

Scottish Deerhound Stamp from Fujeira This lovely souvenir sheet was issued by Fujeira in 1970. Fujeira is one of the seven Emirates that combined in 1974 to form the United Arab Emirates. This souvenir sheet predated that union in 1970. The name Fujeira refers to the spring of water beneath one of the mountains. We have very few stamps with the Scottish Deerhound shown and since a Deerhound is shown on the upper left of the border I felt it only fair to put it on the site as part of your collection. I have shown the detail to the left.
Scottish Deerhound Fujeira Souvenir sheet... $9.95 each Click Here to Order 
Scottish Deerhound Fujeira Souvenir sheet

* We can take visa/mc/disc or paypal, but they are first come first served, so let me know if you are interested.

* It is absolutely true that you will often find some of these stamps at very reasonable prices -- some can be had for under a dollar. On the other hand, if you add in the gas, hours, and hassles that it has taken to find them, you may find it easier to just get them from us while we have them :*) I don't always count on getting more in the near future. I get them when I can find them and the stock is not always constant.

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